If your club uses bulk email v3, there is a new feature where you will be able to send app notifications to members via the Clubhouse. Please contact DotGolf Support if you would like us to enable the app  notification feature for your club. It is also important to be aware of the best practices and guidelines associated with sending app notifications.

Once the app notification feature has been enabled, please follow these steps to utilise it.

1. Log in to the Clubhouse

2. Click on Communications and then Bulk Email V3.

3. Click on Create App Message.

4. You will then be able to input the content that you would like to send out.


5. Select the intended recipients of the notification. Make sure you click the 'Add Recipients' button when you have decided upon the recipients.

6. You can then choose to save changes which will save the message as a draft and you can then send it from the drafts page. Or click send which will send the notification to your intended recipients immediately.

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                          App Notification Guidelines