Flexiclub is a new online virtual club for casual golfers who are seeking a flexible and affordable offering to play golf. Read more about it here: https://www.golf.co.nz/flexiclub

To sign up for a Flexiclub membership

  1. Go to https://www.golf.co.nz/flexiclub

  2. Scroll down the page. Choose a membership type: Free, Annual, Monthly. Click the corresponding "Sign up" button of your preferred membership.

    NOTE: The succeeding steps in this article will only cover the Annual and Monthly options. For the free casual golf membership, please see this article.

  3. Fill-out the form. Make sure all the required fields are all filled-out. Also remember to tick the two checkboxes at the bottom of the form (i.e. Terms and Conditions and the Security Check, "I'm not a robot").

  4. Click the "Proceed to Pay $xx" button. The amount to be paid is indicated in the button text.

    If you are availing of a Love Golf Play Flexiclub membership voucher, please see this help article.

  5. Fill-out the payment form. Click Submit.

  6. The payment result screen will be displayed. Click Next.

  7. After a successful payment, a confirmation message will be shown.
    If the payment is unsuccessful, you'll be able to try paying again.

  8. After a successful payment, you will receive two emails: a payment confirmation and a welcome email containing some important information, including your new membership number, and a voucher code (for new signups only) which you can use to avail of the Flexiclub Welcome Pack.

  9. On the Love Golf navigation menu, click Member Login. Use your new credentials to log in (refer to your welcome email for your membership number).

  10. Once logged in, you'll have access to view My Account, My Profile, and Handicapping, which would be all under the Love Golf Member Login navigation menu.