Current club members can pay for their outstanding invoice balance using the club's website.

  1. Go to the Members area in the club website

  2. Log in using your membership number and password

  3. Go to the My Account page

  4. If there's an outstanding amount to be paid, the Secure Online Payment section will be shown.

    • If the payment schedule is Single, the only payment method option available is Internet Banking.
    • The credit card or debit card payment method option will be shown if the invoice payment schedule is by instalment.
    • There could be an applicable transaction fee which is added on top of the membership amount, and is paid for by the member.

  5. After a successful payment, the member will receive an email notification about the payment made.  The club will also be notified via email.

If the club has Xero integration enabled, the payment will automatically be synced to Xero within 5 to 10 minutes.