• The Digital Scorecard has moved from the DotGolf app to the Golf NZ app.
  • Digital scorecards are available to Affiliated and Casual members who are registered to Golf NZ

To create a digital scorecard:

1. Open the Golf NZ app and click on Enter Score

2. Click on the Create button.

3. This will give you the option to select whether you want to create a digital scorecard for your home club or if you are a visitor, you can enter a digital scorecard activation code which you can get through scanning the QR code at a golf club or an activation code will be sent to you if you pay for your green fee via the DotGolf App Green Fees section.

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4. When you have selected the course that you would like a digital scorecard for, you will be asked to select a marker.

5. Once you have selected the marker, click on 'Create Scorecard'.

6. Click on the generated scorecard and click 'Start Round' to begin.

7. Enter the scores accordingly, hole by hole.