So you have a new membership number that your club has given you.  Follow the steps below if you'd like to register for an online account to log into your club's website members only area. 

The steps below only apply to club websites developed by DotGolf.  If you'd like to register through instead, please follow the steps in this other article:

The credentials you will be setting up can be used on both the club website or

  1. Go to the club website.

  2. Go to the /register page. Enter your 7 digit membership number (e.g. 7008000), and click Proceed.
    NOTE: If you don't have an email address in the system, you'll be asked to contact your club first:

  3. Fill-out the form.  Click Submit.

  4. This message will be displayed.  Check your email inbox for further instructions.

  5. Click or copy the link e.g.

  6. You will be auto logged into the club website and redirected to the Members area.