Here's how you can avail of the Love Golf Play Flexiclub Annual Membership Voucher you have received as a gift:

  1. Go to the Flexiclub page of Golf New Zealand's website:

  2. Click the Sign up button of the Annual membership option:

  3. Fill-out the form.
    1. The first part asks about your details.

    2.  The rest of the form is all about the membership details, payment, and terms and conditions.

      Select Voucher as method of payment (How would you like to pay?).
      Enter the Voucher Code in the orange box and click Apply.

  4. Click Proceed

  5. You will receive a Welcome Email from Flexiclub. This will contain some important information, including your new Flexiclub membership number, and a voucher code (for new signups only) which you can use to avail of the Flexiclub Welcome Pack on the Love Golf Shopify site.

As you've signed up for the annual membership, your membership is good for one year.  At the end of the membership year, you will of course have the option to extend your membership but you'll need to enter your billing card.

After a successful sign up, you can use your new membership number and password to log into the following:

  1. Love Golf website's member-only area
  2. My Golf in
  3. NZ Golf mobile app (iOS and Android)
  4. DotGolf Tee Booking mobile app (iOS and Android)