NOTE: This feature requires the DotGolf Subscriptions, DotGolf Subscriptions Payment, and the DotGolf Club Website products.

Club website visitors can sign up as a new member and pay for the membership fee right there and then.  They have the option to pay via Internet Banking or using a credit or debit card. There is an applicable transaction fee that is added on top of the membership fee, and this is paid for by the member.

For members who choose to pay by monthly instalment, they will automatically be billed in the succeeding months using their billing card. There is also an applicable transaction fee monthly, and this is also added on top of the membership fee, and is paid for the member.

  1. Go to the member sign up page on the club website.

  2. Fill-out the form. 
    1. The first section asks about the person's basic details.  The previous membership number (if they were previously a golf club member or a NZG casual golfer), which enables linking of their past scores, is an optional field.

    2. The second section is about the membership category and payment details.

      If the member is paying the full amount, they can only pay by Internet banking.

      Otherwise, if paying by monthly instalment, both "Internet banking" and "Credit card / debit card" options will be shown. If paying by credit card, this will be saved securely (by Payment Express, not by DotGolf). This enables DotGolf to automatically bill them monthly.

    3. The third section shows the payment breakdown.

      Full payment example:

      Monthly instalment example:

    4. The last section is about the Terms & Conditions and proceeding to pay:

  3. Pay
    1. If Internet Banking is chosen in the previous step, the next page will look like this:

    2. If credit card is chosen in the previous step, the next page will look something like this:

  4. After a successful payment in the previous step, a message back on the club website will be shown

  5. The new member will receive two email notifications:
    1. Welcome Email

    2. Payment Confirmation

  6. The club will also receive a simple email notification with a link to view the full message in DotGolf Live.

    This is basically a link to the content of the message, which would also be found in your DotGolf Inbox:

    The message has a link to view the member record created:

If you view the member in DotGolf, you'll see the details that the member entered, and the invoice and payments are all there. If the member chose to pay by instalment, the invoice payment schedule is set up accordingly.

If the club has Xero integration, the invoice and payment will be synced to Xero with 5 to 10 minutes.


After a successful sign up, the member can use their new membership number and password to log into the following:

  1. The club website's member-only area
  2. My Golf in
  3. NZ Golf mobile app (iOS and Android)
  4. DotGolf Tee Booking mobile app (iOS and Android)