How the online tee booking system works is when you make a green fee booking at a club  you are required to enter in your credit card details for the green fee payment, however NO money is withdrawn from your card at this time, this is put ON-HOLD to secure the booking.

Tee booking payments are not visible to the club until the day of play. 

1. Cancelling BEFORE the day of play

If the booking has been cancelled before the day of play the club will refund it on or after THAT day and not before hand.

2. Cancelling ON or AFTER the day of play

On or after the day of play is when the club will either, 

- authorise the payment - charged the player/s for the booking as they come in and played.

- refund the payment - started the refund process due to a booking was cancelled or player did not show up

Note: authorising/refunding or refunding payments are at the club's discretion

An authorised payment will show as completed/paid on the day the club had authorised it.

A refunded payment will take up to 7 days to be completed and will not show on the statement as a refund, the green fee payment will be removed and it will then show the non-refundable booking fee of $2.00 and this is how you know the refund has been processed for you.