How to report a problem

Visit our Support portal at to submit a ticket.

Important note to members: For any golf-related enquiries such as your membership, handicap or tee bookings, please contact your golf club; DotGolf is unable to assist you with these queries.


Software engineers are a curious bunch.  Often defects in the systems they build turn into personal things, so you may get, well, "unexpected" responses when informing them of issues...

Please help us appease the engineers by following the following structure when reporting a problem:

What do we need?

1. Steps to reproduce

Tell us, step-by-step, how you got to this point.  Which menu did you click on, what were the values that you entered into the form fields, where did you click before you got stuck?

2. Observed behaviour

What happened?  A screenshot is often helpful here!

3. Expected behaviour

Believe it or not, we don't always know what it is that you're expecting to happen - we know what the system should do (normally!) but we don't know if that necessarily aligns with what you want to happen.

That's it!  We look forward to your next problem report ;)